MEGA Fashion Forecast: Summer 2024’s Unexpected Color Trends

MEGA Fashion Forecast: Summer 2024’s Unexpected Color Trends


With a season typically associated with lightness, the unexpected arrival of bold colors bursts like a fireworks display; if those fireworks were in oxblood, brown, magenta, and gray. From the Spring/Summer 2024 showcase, there’s a departure from the expected pastel palette in favor of the unconventional. Is this a trend on the unconventional? Floral, naturally, is still abundant. It’s a garden party that was unexpectedly crashed by a group of uninvited guests—daring summer colors that refuse to blend into the background and demand to be noticed.

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The trend towards unconventional colors suggests a shift towards remixes, where the runway is more about coloring outside the lines. This departure from the norm is motivated by a longing to invigorate collections, even if the colors are quite dire. This is a crowded market filled with repetitive trends, and designers strive to embrace colors that pop like champagne corks in a room full of soda cans. 

In an age where social media dominates our lives and personal branding is paramount, consumers are increasingly seeking out fashion that allows them to express their personality. Essentially, the focus is less on conformity and more on individuality. Unconventional colors become means of communication to convey style preferences for the season, whether it’s a daring oxblood coat, a chic gold dress, or a sophisticated gray suit. 

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Oxblood is a deep, rich shade of red that resembles the color of aged wine. It is characterized by its dark, almost brownish undertones, giving it a rather luxurious appearance. Unlike a fine wine spilled on a white tablecloth, oxblood brings a touch of class to summer fashion, making a statement that’s bold enough to turn heads but smooth enough that it’s easy on the eyes.

Gucci S/S24
Miu Miu S/S24
Versace S/S24
Hermès S/S24

Pair an oxblood maxi dress with strappy sandals for a look perfect for summer evenings. Incorporate oxblood accessories, such as a leather handbag or belt, to add glamor to casual summer outfits. Opt for oxblood statement pieces, like a tailored blazer or wide-leg trousers, for a pop of color to your summer work wardrobe.


Brown encompasses a range of earthy tones, from warm caramel to deep chocolate. Its neutral tones complement a wide range of skin tones and can be styled for both casual and formal occasions. The color is versatile, yes, but it exudes a natural warmth—quite unnecessary for our type of summer, even if it reaches peak colder hours.

Fendi S/S24
Coach S/S24
Johanna Ortiz S/S24
Bally S/S24

For a relaxed summer ensemble perfect for weekends spent lounging in the sun, pair a brown linen shirt with white shorts. Layer a brown blazer over a lightweight dress for a polished look that’s suitable for summer meetings or events. Add bohemian charm to your wardrobe with brown leather sandals or woven accessories, such as a wide-brimmed hat or bucket bag.


The eye-catching gold is embodied with a playful sense of fun and excitement. Gold adds vibrant color and energy to summer fashion, injecting joy into outfits. Ingrained with the charm of a soap opera character, it’s the villainous diva at the summer soirée. What a vivacious presence. 

Blumarine S/S24
Tom Ford S/S24
Ralph Lauren S/S24
Dior S/S24

Make a statement with a gold maxi dress for a gleaming summer look. Toss some gold accessories into the mix, like statement earrings or a crossbody bag, to give your understated summer style a playful shee. Pair a white blouse with elevated gold shorts for a fresh ensemble for a daytime outing or casual dinner al fresco.


From soft dove to deep charcoal, gray is the sophisticated palate cleanser in the palette of summer fashion. It washes away the neon excesses with urban cool and modern chic. It’s the equivalent of a smooth jazz riff in a sea of pop beats—a break that refreshes the senses and adds suave to every ensemble.

Prada S/S24
Marc Jacobs S/S24
Givenchy S/S24
Tory Burch S/S24

Create a monochromatic look with varying shades of gray, such as pairing a light gray blouse with charcoal trousers for a modern and sophisticated ensemble. Layer a gray blazer over a summer dress for a polished and professional look that’s suitable for both work and play. Add edginess to your style with gray denim shorts paired with a graphic tee and sneakers for a laid-back vibe.

Liberated from the palette of tradition, the fashion industry is adopting hues that speak to their individuality and desire for authenticity. Browns, grays, and golds have crashed the party, but we welcome their presence with open arms, embracing the diversity they bring to summer fashion. Why limit ourselves to just pastels? Grab your sunglasses, because with summer bright with the unconventional, you gotta wear shades that paint the town red—or oxblood. 

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