Ditching Cargo: What’s the Next Trending Summer Bottoms?

Ditching Cargo: What’s the Next Trending Summer Bottoms?


Cargo pants have had its time. They have an abundance of pockets that allow memories to flourish. In life’s adventures, the pants represent strength, romance, and camaraderie, from outdoor adventures to romantic dates and beach gatherings with friends. At times, you feel like you just stepped out of a hip-hop music video from the early 2000s. It’s versatile, after all. But this is not about cargo; this is about what’s next. As summer rolls around with its relaxed attitude towards style, it’s time to consider and uncover what’s next on the horizon. From parachute pants to culottes, pedal pushers, and short shorts, summer fashion awaits new adventures. 

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Life After Cargo

Cargo pants have had their moment in the sun, with their spacious pockets and utilitarian aesthetic winning over both style-conscious individuals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. They’ve been on trend since 2022, practically the Jurassic Period of the apparel world. It’s time to step out of the cargo comfort zone and fashion a flight to new trouser territories.

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In the serene setting of a hammock swaying gently between two palm trees, you recline with an icy drink in hand, accompanied by the latest TikTok trends emanating from your phone. That’s the scene summer pants set—relaxed, carefree, and ready to make you look like you know what you’re doing, even if you’re just here for the vibes. 

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A myriad of new styles offer a fresh perspective on summer dressing for today’s climate. Here’s what you can look forward to next:

Parachute pants

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Inspired by the functional design of parachute fabric, it offers a flighty alternative to traditional trousers. With their loose fit and tapered legs, parachute pants are perfect for breezy summer days. Use them with a fitted bodysuit or cropped blouse for a modern twist on a classic silhouette.


Anne Curtis

Culottes, whether long or short, boast a wide-legged silhouette that combines the comfort of pants with the appearance of a skirt. With their billowy shape and lightweight fabric, culottes offer a chic and comfortable option for hot weather. Style them with a vest top or a flowy blouse for a clean look that’s perfect for daytime outings or evening soirées.

Pedal Pushers

Heart Evangelista

Pedal pushers channel retro vibes from the 1950s. These cropped pants offer a flattering and feminine silhouette that’s perfect for showcasing your favorite sandals or sneakers. Pair them with a fitted button-down shirt and some ballet flats for a look that’s as playful as a kitten with a ball of yarn, yet as classy as Audrey Hepburn sipping tea in Tiffany’s.

Short Shorts

Gucci S/S24

When it comes to summer bottoms, nothing beats the pull of short shorts. Whether you prefer denim cutoffs or tailored shorts, or even jorts, short shorts are a summer staple that never goes out of style. Adopt a breezy tank top or a lightweight blouse for an easy look that goes with everything from beach days to backyard barbecues.

Transitioning from cargo pants, it’s time to explore a range of summer bottoms. With the right attitude, styling these trousers boosts confidence that allows an attractiveness that may have been hidden in their pockets. From parachute pants to culottes, pedal pushers, and short shorts, the summer bottom buffet offers a flavor for every fashion palate and a style for every sunny occasion. By choosing the right fit and styling them with confidence, you can look and feel your best all summer long; even under the heat. 

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