Team Short Shorts or Jorts: How to Style Shorts for the Summer

Team Short Shorts or Jorts: How to Style Shorts for the Summer


It’s a summer showdown that lies with shorts. Explore the unique characteristics of each style and decide which one deserves a spot in your wardrobe

What comes to mind when the sun bathes our skin in its golden glow? Is it the luxurious retreat to a secluded villa in Batangas, where gourmet chefs prepare fresh seafood delicacies under swaying palm trees? Or perhaps it’s the laughter of friends gathered around a pool party at an ancestral home, sipping champagne and indulging in hors d’oeuvres? Maybe it’s the excitement of cruising along the shores of Palawan on a yacht, with the stunning scenery as your backdrop. Whatever it may be, the arrival of summer brings new experiences and escapes. Fashion, too, is a predominant part of this season; fashion like shorts.

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Cool Again

With several seasonal trends, shorts often find themselves relegated to the sidelines, overlooked in favor of more elaborate ensembles—as short as can be. There’s even that no-pants trend. However, it’s time to challenge this oversight and rediscover the appeal of shorts as a versatile and stylish staple of our wardrobes.

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Shorts have been dismissed as a mundane or basic choice. Yet, in recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in shorts, spurred by a wave of fresh perspectives and evolution in styling. Shorts are no longer confined to casual or beachwear; although it’s high time to wear this trend, they are making waves in high fashion circles.

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In the world of summer fashion, there is a certain dilemma sparking passionate discussions among style enthusiasts, with each camp staunchly defending their preferred choice of legwear. What camps are these? As the mercury climbs and the days longer, the decision between the classic short shorts and the casual jean shorts, affectionately dubbed “Jorts”, becomes increasingly pressing—and the judgment campy.

Team Short Shorts

For advocates of Team Short Shorts, it’s all about embracing the freedom and breeziness of summer. These devotees swear by the shorter hemline, relishing the opportunity to flaunt sun-kissed legs and soak up the warm rays without inhibition. Short shorts are the MVPs of summer wear, going from beach bum to city slicker with just a change of shades and sandals. Who needs elegance when you’ve got this level of chill?

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Team Jorts

On the other side, Team Jort champions the rugged versatility of denim shorts. With their durable fabric, Jorts are the epitome of effortless. Whether paired with a vintage band tee for a grunge-inspired look or dressed up with a crisp button-down shirt for a casual night out, jean shorts exude nonchalance that resonates with the carefree spirit of summer.

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Summer Staple

What factors influence this sartorial allegiance? For some, it’s a matter of practicality: short shorts offer unparalleled freedom of movement, while Jorts provide added coverage for outdoor adventures. Others are drawn to the nostalgic charm of denim, evoking memories of lazy days spent lounging in the sun or carefree nights around a bonfire. While some may argue that short shorts are more flattering for specific body types, others counter that Jorts offer a wider range of styling options and can be dressed up or down.

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Ultimately, the choice between Team Short Shorts and Team Jort boils down to personal preference and lifestyle. Whether you opt for the sleek silhouette of short shorts or the rugged appeal of Jorts, one thing is certain: as summer approaches, it further fuels discussions and inspires individuals to welcome their unique sense of style.

While summer sparks visions of outdoor trips and sun-kissed adventures, one thing becomes clear: it’s a time for embracing new experiences and expressing our individuality. Shorts, whether short shorts or Jorts, offer room exploration, inviting us to revel in the carefree spirit of the season. It’s a humble yet versatile garment that accompanies through hot style—literally, it’s hot; no one dares wear too many cover-ups. Shorts are not about what we wear, but how we wear it. And, even then, it shouldn’t matter. 


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