Why the Pixie Cut Can Make You Feel Like a Brand New Woman

Why the Pixie Cut Can Make You Feel Like a Brand New Woman


In a crisis, need a clean slate, or just simply a confidence boost? A drastic haircut is the way to go

You can tell that getting a new hairstyle at the salon is like taking a happy pill by the way women walk out of there. While a haircut often signifies that a dramatic change is taking place, it’s usually also just empowering and liberating. Our hair often reflects our emotions, and drastic haircuts, particularly for women, are nothing new. So what’s perfect for the summer, looks cool, chic, and just a touch of grungy, and not permanent? The iconic pixie cut. With International Women’s Day coming up, we’ve rounded up the four kinds to get you started on shedding some inches for the hot season, and to get you out of the salon feeling like a brand new woman.

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1. The Classic Pixie 

Nothing enhances your beautiful bone structure better than the classic pixie cut. For the confident woman that wants to make a bold statement, this chic get-up-and-go style can be neatly done or disheveled. The sides and back are kept tight-looking with a short length cut with carved layers that distinctly frame the face and expose your nape and shoulders beautifully.

Pia Wurtzbach in a classic pixie cut for the MEGA December 2022 – January 2023 Cover

2. The Bixie

The bixie hits that sweet spot between a pixie and a bob cut. This combination gives the fullness of a short pixie while keeping the length and versatility of a bob; it lets you have length with a lot of texture and movement. This cut is understated yet a dazzler that merges two hairstyles in a way that is both chic and breezy, and gives you playful texture and decadent bounce.

Jessy Mendiola rocks the bixie with a glamorous and polished style

3. The Mullet Pixie

This style is a sure head-turner. If the mullet is on one side of the spectrum (daring and forward), and the shag is on the other (delicate and soft), the mullet pixie lands somewhere in the middle. Composed of a fringe, short sides, and a considerable ‘party in the back’ length, pixie mullets are easy to style and compatible with most textures. It’s also trendy without a laundry list of things you need to make it look great.

Sarah Geronimo accepts the Global Force Award at the 2024 Billboard Women in Music Awards with a pixie mullet that perfectly frames her face

4. The Soft Feminine Pixie

This pixie cut draws more attention to your eyes and cheekbones, and adds a charming and sultry flair to your hair. This polished pixie is structured yet fluid, more delicate than many similar iterations, and flaunts both elegance and confidence. For a cut that frames the face with dynamic layers and soft, wispy edges, and embraces the natural texture of your hair, the soft feminine is the way to go. Styled with some curls or bangs, it showcases a carefree and playful look or a sophisticated appeal.

This pixie cut does not take away any of the softness from global phenomenon Lea Salonga’s gorgeous features. In fact, they’re more enhanced

5. The Layered Pixie

With the right layers, you can walk out the door with a low-maintenance haircut that makes a statement and is effortlessly chic. The layered pixie will make your hair look voluminous, texturized, and full of style and allure. This tousled iteration is the perfect go-to cut to define your face—just look at Sue Ramirez.

Sue Ramirez’s pixie gives her an edgy and cool feel—the layers definitely add extra dimension


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