The List Goes To 11

Radiant is not your ordinary home service company. We’re always looking to improve and grow, especially in areas most in the trades industry don’t think to focus on. One such area is mindset. A few years ago, Radiant set off on a growth trajectory that’s taken us to new heights. Our workforce has grown exponentially, we’ve opened new locations, and we have been able to serve more customers than ever. We knew we were going to need the right mentality if we were going to keep this up.

Our Not-So-Secret Weapon

In 2019, Radiant brought Keith Mercurio on board. A keynote speaker and former Nexstar Network director, Keith is one of the most sought after coaches in the country. He’s been a key player when it comes to developing our culture and ensuring sustainable growth. During his tenure at Nexstar, Keith built and refined more than 20 transformational training programs ranging from sales and leadership, to personal growth and communication.

The List Goes To 11

Keith took his experience and compiled a resource like no other. The List Goes To 11 was born. In this exclusive video series, Keith breaks down the keys to success in the skilled trades industry. Our team has greatly benefited from this resource. So much so, we’ve decided to release it to the public. Start watching The List Goes To 11 or better yet, share it with your team! If you want to inject some energy and motivation into your workplace, this is the resource for you.

Keith Mercurio's The List Goes To 11 Series Preview

The Industry Is Changing

The days of looking at a career in the skilled trades as a backup plan are long gone. Plumbing and HVAC professionals can comfortably earn six figure salaries without working their fingers to the bone. It’s time skilled trades workers fully realize their value and adopt a mindset to go with it. Companies like Radiant are no longer competing with local rivals. We’re competing with Fortune 500 companies. The skilled trades industry is exciting, dynamic, and at the forefront of innovation. We should all start acting like it. Apply these 11 principles to your career and we guarantee you’ll feel a tangible difference.

Radiant is the definition of stability. We’ve been serving communities across Central Texas for over 20 years. If you’re a plumbing or HVAC professional who’s ready to take your career to the next level, discover a Radiant career today. If you have a great attitude, our offices in Austin and San Antonio would love to have you.

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