EXCLUSIVE: Belle Mariano Barely Wore Any Makeup at the Star Magical Prom

EXCLUSIVE: Belle Mariano Barely Wore Any Makeup at the Star Magical Prom


In an exclusive interview with MEGA, Jake Galvez reveals all the details behind Belle Mariano’s Star Magical Prom simple but ethereal beauty look

The Star Magical Prom saw a major lineup of fashion moments topped off by equally stunning beauty looks. One of the attendees who had a show-stopping and effortlessly compelling look was none other than Belle Mariano. Her simple but ethereal beauty wowed at the ivory carpet and MEGA has the inside scoop from her makeup artist Jake Galvez on how to recreate the actress’ Belle of the Ball look.

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For Belle’s princess look, soft glam reigns supreme

“It’s very simple,” Jake starts. “Belle was actually the one who decided on what we were going to do. She wanted it to be youthful, fresh, a barely-there makeup loo.”

Belle’s understated elegance for this Star Magical Prom went in a different direction than last year. The latter saw a very smokey and glittery charm, but there was literally barely any makeup used for her gala look last night. The star was foundation-free and Jake only applied a little concealer and powder, lashes, and long-lasting lipstick. On the ivory carpet, Belle exuded simple yet elegant warmth in a ‘less is more’ approach.

Choosing the right makeup for a Belle-inspired ensemble is essential—even if it’s minimal

“It’s very appropriate also because the inspiration is from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast,” the makeup artist states. “Belle is very young, youthful, and very soft makeup look fits her.”

The secret? Long-lasting products

What makes Belle and Jake’s working relationship special? Their willingness to collaborate

“It’s very important to use the right cosmetics for a very important event such as this one,” Jake tells MEGA. “I use long-wearing makeup. For Belle, I use a lot of products from Maybelline: the Superstay Powder, and the Vinyl Lip Ink—which would last the entire night. It’s all about the staying power of the makeup for the event.”

Up until the end of the gala, Belle’s beauty was a perfect fit for her royal status.

Belle Mariano is no doubt this generation’s it-girl and multi-talented icon

Working with the Belle of the Ball

“It’s a breeze,” the makeup artist shares. “It doesn’t feel like work when I’m working with her. It’s a lot of collaborative ideas whenever we create the look. I always ask her, ‘What kind of look do you want to do?’ and she’s always very game to experiment.”

Belle’s entire fairytale-like ensemble was the perfect balance between sophistication and class for the reigning prom queen

Jake also tells MEGA it’s a collaborative and creative process and brainstorming with Adrianne Concepcion, Belle’s stylist, the dress (custom made by Francis Libiran), and the artist herself. “We look at the dress first,” Jake says, “then decide on the makeup.”

On future looks on Belle

The star and the makeup artist prep for the Star Magical Prom

In the beauty department, Jake tells MEGA he wants to try more. “Whenever we do shows and performances, we do a lot of creative looks—when she needs to be a K-Pop star or a Latina dancer,” the makeup artist says. “But I’ve never really done a smoldering smokey-eye and charcoal or black on her yet, and I want to try that.”

He also mentions he never usually goes dark for Belle’s lips: “The darkest I did was just a hint of red; I haven’t done any wine or darker colors yet, so I’m excited to try that.”


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