Want to Lose Lower Belly Fat? This is the Non-Invasive Body Treatment Kim Chiu Swears By

Want to Lose Lower Belly Fat? This is the Non-Invasive Body Treatment Kim Chiu Swears By


Aside from working out and maintaining a healthy diet, Kim Chiu reveals the non-invasive body treatment she gets to keep her core tight and toned.

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Toned arms? Check. Sculpted glutes and firm butt? Check. Tight stomach? Still in progress. With summer fast approaching, many of us have been hitting the gym to feel and look like our best selves before going on vacation. However, if you’re still struggling with lower belly fat, don’t worry because you’re not alone. Lower belly fat is the hardest to lose, even those with abs can attest to this like actress, host, and entrepreneur Kim Chiu. “Kahit nagra-run or nagba-bike na ko, my puson area is very stubborn. Diyan talaga stuck yung fat,” she shares. 

Kim Chiu is the face of Belo’s V-Contour Ultra

Losing lower belly fat isn’t easy, but there are non-invasive procedures that can help you achieve a toned stomach faster and with ease. Enter Belo’s V-Contour Ultra, the non-invasive procedure that helps Kim achieve her personal summer body goals.

Here’s what you need to know about the upgraded injectable:

Why is lower belly fat considered the most “stubborn”?

Generally, belly fat is hard to lose because it is an “active fat”, compared to other fatty tissues that are “dormant”. So as one ages, belly fat releases hormones that can impact one’s health. This includes how slowly you can lose weight and how fast one’s midsection can accumulate fat.

Another reason is genetics. You may eat healthy and go to the gym but some individuals are genetically inclined to have more fatty tissue to carry around the midsection.

 The 10 – 15 minute injectable


Every headline tells a story. The past is what they all think about – but for KimChiu? She’s in her new era. Just like Kim, YOU can embark on an era of confidence, shaping a sculpted, contoured, and more empowered future with this 10-15 minute treatment. Know more by going to Belomed.com KimforBeloVContourUltra

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Belo Medical Group is an expert on less invasive liposuction alternatives. Their latest and improved V-Contour Ultra not only melts fat, but is a holistic treatment that addresses cellulite, improves skin texture, and enhances blood circulation. “The V-Contour Ultra is a step up from its original version. It contains more concentrated ingredients that penetrate and break down the thick capsule of the fat cell,” Dr. Vicki says in the press release.

How does it work?

The treatment starts with a doctor’s consultation to ensure that each patient is properly assessed and the patient can personally align with the doctor on their desired result. Afterward, the doctor administers the V-Contour Ultra through specialized micro-injections in the chosen area. For Kim, she uses the treatment to target the excess fat on her lower stomach.

Kim Chiu puts her trust in Dr. Vicki Belo to always make her feel beautiful

Since the V-Contour Ultra contains more concentrated ingredients, it penetrates and breaks down the thick capsule of the fat cell. Once the capsule is broken down, its other ingredients work on the exposed fat cells. Some of these ingredients are L-carnitine which helps burn fat faster, caffeine to usher the fat out of the system, and Vitamin A and E to smoothen the skin where the fat cells originated.

“This explains why the V-Contour is a fantastic option for localized fat reduction on the double chin, face, lower abdomen, back, and all other parts where you experience stubborn fat,” Dr. Vicki expounds.


Entering hew new era, the actress and host is ready to take on new projects and roles more confident than ever

The V-Contour Ultra only takes 10 – 15 minutes to administer. It has minimal downtime with a minor possibility of bruising after the procedure. Visible improvements, from loss of fat to improved skin texture, are seen in several months. While the V-Contour Ultra can help with fat reduction, it’s not a one-time solution. To maximize results, it is still recommend to partner it with regular exercise and a consistent healthy diet.

To book a consultation, visit Belo’s official website here.

Photos and Featured Image: BELO MEDICAL GROUP

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