Why the Oversized Sunglasses Trend is Back and Better in 2024

Why the Oversized Sunglasses Trend is Back and Better in 2024


Shine in style like the glare of the sun with these oversized frames. It’s a sunglasses trend that never fails to shade your eyes.

Remember the days when oversized sunglasses shielded the eyes of celebrities from persistent paparazzi flashes? Think of that, except for the sun: the oversized sunglasses trend can be the armor that shields our eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. With a heatwave sweeping through the city, the intensity of the sun’s light reaches levels that pose risks to our delicate eyesight. During such conditions, the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun can become particularly harmful, potentially leading to conditions like sunburned eyes that Wonder Woman herself wouldn’t dare to face without proper protection.

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MEGA Oversized Sunglasses are Back and Better This Summer
Louis Vuitton

Oversized Shields

Those glamorous shades are indeed staging a comeback, capturing early 2000s chic with a newfound sense of admiration. From bold, chunky frames to exaggerated cat-eye shapes, these sunglasses serve as a nostalgic glance to a simpler time, now elevated to even cooler peaks in retrospect. Their oversized design adds a touch of drama to any look while also providing superior protection, making them a practical and stylish choice for any individual.

MEGA Oversized Sunglasses are Back and Better This Summer

Why come back to the oversize? To the naughts where the glare of paparazzi cameras blasted flashes of intrusion, fueling the early days of internet discourse and wild pop culture phenomena where there was no escape. And isn’t it ironic that in today’s world, where there’s no escaping social media and the internet, we find solace in oversized sunglasses? Just as there was no escape from the paparazzi flashes, there’s no escaping the sun’s relentless rays.

MEGA Oversized Sunglasses are Back and Better This Summer

A Nostalgic Wink

Further, one cannot underestimate the power of nostalgia in shaping current trends. As we long for the carefree days of the past, we seek solace in familiar styles that evoke feelings of comfort and familiarity. The resurgence of iconic sunglasses taps into this collective yearning for a bygone era, offering a sense of escapism through fashion. With our oversized sunglasses, we reflect on the ever-changing landscape of style and society. It’s poignant and introspective, but since we constantly reflect on what-ifs and what-could-be’s anyway, might as well do it behind our shades.

MEGA Oversized Sunglasses are Back and Better This Summer
Saint Laurent

For their 2024 collections, designers and their houses make it known our eyes need solid protection with an even solid framework. As we grapple with the warmth of nostalgia, these sunglasses offer a sanctuary, a retreat from the prying eyes of the world’s gaze. It’s a privacy screen for the soul, a fortress against unwelcome scrutiny because sometimes the best defense is a chic offense.

MEGA Oversized Sunglasses are Back and Better This Summer

Perhaps bigger is better. With these oversized shields, it adds to their dual purpose: not just as accessories, but as vital protection against the sun’s assault. Just as they shielded celebrities from the blinding flashes of paparazzi cameras, they now shield us from the harsh rays of the sun. This sunglass trend should stay forever, as they stand as guardians of our eyesight. If the sun glares, you, too, can glare—just not straight at the sun, but at the annoying worth of its heat.

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