Captivating Katkat Seized the Love Month With a Fun Valentine’s Drag Show

Captivating Katkat Seized the Love Month With a Fun Valentine’s Drag Show


Queens led by Drag Race Philippines Superstar Captivating Katkat embraced the audience with a blend of infectious energy and hilarity at Divas Unleashed: The Ultimate Valentine’s Show

Anchoring on the warmth, grandeur, silliness, and perhaps even distress of love month—it depends on how you look at it—nine drag queens came together to add a layer of joy, sisterhood, and togetherness to the atmosphere. Headlined by Captivating Katkat, the show delivered a fun mix of comedy and show-stopping drag performances put together by iQueenique Productions. The Odd Seoul in Quezon City turned into a Valentine’s Day date venue for the friends and fans of the queens. 

salmo nella
Salmo Nella was the host of the night

Salmo Nella

Salmo Nella acted as host and took charge of the night. The loud-mouthed, big ball of fun started the evening by introducing herself via voice-over before ascending to the performance area. The Theology mistress mouthed the lyrics to “Akin Ka Na Lang” by Itchyworms. Her facial expression radiated fervor like an overly lovable tita.

Salmo Nella started the event with a energetic performance of “Akin Ka Na Lang” by Itchyworms

Give her a mic and a stage, and one can be sure that good vibes spread quicker than you say epidemic. If there’s one cure to anyone’s upside-down face, it’s being blessed by Salmo Nella’s energy that comes from a genuine spot deep in the crevices of her heart. We stan a good vibes queen!


Moonlight performed her version of “Yes, And?” by Ariana Grande

Moonlight appeared in a recreation of Ariana Grande’s Rodarte bodysuit, Alaia mini skirt, and YSL sailor cap in the “Yes, And?” music video. Using visuals from the same music video, it was as if Ariana popped out of the screen and performed the song down to its choreography.

Ruth Quanal

Ruth Quanal lip-synced to “Already Gone” by Kelly Clarkson

A scene from the movie “My Amnesia Girl” introduced Ruth’s performance of Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone.” The bride infused the song with intense emotion, an authentic Ruth Quanal experience.  


Budalyn performed “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga

The spotlight caught the cheerleader of drag clad in a sequin hooded backless halter dress. The look is reminiscent of early Gaga’s Grace Jones-inspired era. Budalyn danced to “Edge of Glory” with surprise cartwheels and backflips. Her performance was reciprocated by loud gasps and appreciative shrieks from the audience.

Taylor Sweep

The crowd went wild when Taylor Sweep came out and performed “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift

The OG Taylor Swift impersonator gave the crowd the sure-fire mood elevator that got everyone on their feet and sang their lungs out: Taytay’s “Cruel Summer.” Despite feeling under the weather, Taylor Sweep, much known in the community as Gorgeous Dawn, still gave her all. 


captivating katkat season 2 sister, matilduh
Matilduh opted to do her rendition of Ariana Grande’s “Into You” for the event

The DRPH S2 girl traded her typical Beyonce moves for a more subdued but equally delightful and provocative performance of “Into You” by Ariana Grande. Matilduh gave off dominatrix vibes in a red pleather cage skirt and bolero with a chest harness accent. 

Susie the Showgirl

Susie proved that she’s a true Beyonce fan with her reenactment of the singer’s Superbowl performance

Susie projected Beyonce’s Superbowl performance on the wall. Everyone witnessed her mastery of the entire choreography and the subtle nuances of the pop diva. 


Deja chose to perform a Filipino song specifically “Miss Manila” by Angeline Quinto

The Baguio queen stepped onto the stage in one of her promo looks for Drag Den, a silver foil cape fantasy and studded bodysuit by Job Dacon. One of the Prime Video show’s breakout stars performed “Miss Manila” by Angeline Quinto. The powerful vocals matched the lyrics that celebrated the empowering spirit of a Manileña, resulting in an irresistible performance by Ms. Deja.

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Captivating Katkat

DRPH’s reigning champion caught the stage lights in a black faux leather trench coat while sporting a classic drag updo. The music started with the piano melody of Lady Gaga’s “I’ll Never Love Again,” which never really took off.  This was the gag: when you anticipate the first vocals dropping, the music returns to the beginning. After an endless loop, the music jumps to the song’s last notes. Captivating Katkat blew a kiss to the crowd and made her way to the exit, teasing everybody. 

captivating katkat
Captivating Katkat attended the event in a daring black sheer dress

I heard her say, “Pagod na pagod ako eh,” to one of the guests while descending the steps that led to their dressing area. And then she turned around and walked back to the stage as the live version of Lady Gaga’s “Speechless” started to play. Captivating Katkat opened her coat to reveal a piece that echoed a Rajo Laurel creation famously donned by muse Divine Lee for an event in 2011—a gown with a daring design that strategically concealed the intimate areas. 

captivating katkat
The draq queen also supported the annual LGBTQIA+ Community Commitment Ceremony in Quezon City

Katkat attended the annual LGBTQIA+ Community Commitment Ceremony headed by Mayor Joy Belmonte of QC earlier that day. Queer marriage still lacks recognition and faces astronomic hurdles continuously. 210 LGBTQIA+ couples attended the ceremony. It had no legal basis and only served as a celebration and acknowledgment of queer love. The journey towards the legal protection of our love is without a foreseeable destination. Still, Mayor Belmonte has been making progressive measures to elevate the lives of queer people living in the city. Mayor Belmonte announced Right To Care at last year’s record-breaking Pride Month event. A few individuals finally received the first batch of cards at the ceremony.

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Captivating Katkat said in a video in Quezon City: “Huwag po tayong matakot na ipakita kung sino po tayo, kung ano tayo, at mas lalo tayong huwag matakot na magmahal. We all know that love has no gender. Love is for everybody. And love always wins!”

Photography KIM SANTOS

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