Kathryn Bernardo Swears by Niasorcinol in Her Skin Prep Routine

Kathryn Bernardo Swears by Niasorcinol in Her Skin Prep Routine


With or without makeup, Kathryn Bernardo always looks cover-shoot-ready. The secret? A 3-step beauty regimen featuring Pond’s Niasorcinol line.

Kathryn Bernardo is no stranger to stardom. Throughout her career, she has conquered every media, from TV shows, movie screens, advertisements, and magazine features. Her extensive filmography has since cemented her into the mainstream. And she only continues to be an unstoppable force in the industry. Two decades into her career, Kathryn is as radiant as ever. Despite her never-ending schedule, she continues to confidently tackle every project head-on. All while looking every bit like the star she is. So how does she do it?

Kathryn Bernardo's favorite skincare line, Pond's Niasorcinol
The full Pond’s Niasorcinol line helps maintain Kathryn’s skin, enabling her to feel most confident.

It’s all in the prep. In her latest cover shoot with MEGA, Kathryn Bernardo unveils the secret to her stunningly clear skin. It turns out simplicity really is the key. Kathryn follows these three easy steps before glamming herself up for the cameras. 

Step 1: Cleanse

“It is very important to prepare my skin before I put on makeup, just to make sure my skin is protected throughout the day,” Kathryn said. To some, cleansing is only the first step in their extensive routine. However, to Kathryn, this is an integral part of having clearer skin. To make her makeup flawless for shoots, she always has a clean base to work with. 

ponds niasorcinol ultimate clarity facial foam

To achieve this, Kathryn uses Pond’s Bright Miracle Ultimate Clarity Facial Foam, which gently washes away impurities. It also contains niasorcinol, a combination of ethyl resorcinol and niacinamide. This results in the clear and supple skin that Kathryn is known for. 

Step 2: Serum

A serum could make or break your skincare routine. Kathryn raved about her latest favorite, Pond’s Bright Miracle Ultimate Clarity Serum. As with every product in this line, this serum contains Kathryn’s latest holy grail: a blend of ethyl resorcinol and niacinamide, known as niasorcinol.

Pond's Ultimate Clarity Serum with Niasorcinol is the secret to brighter skin

Niacinamide fades dark spots and acne scars. Its effects are then boosted by e-resorcinol, which adds 500x to its brightening effects. This is clinically tested and proven to penetrate 20 layers deep into the skin, lending to a brighter complexion.

Because of this powerful combination, Kathryn glows even when juggling multiple projects. No wonder this product is one of her top recommendations. 

Step 3: Moisturize + Sun Protect

Moisturizing and sun protection are key steps in maintaining a youthful complexion. Despite always being out and about for shoots, Kathryn maintains her young appearance. This is because she finishes every skin prep routine with Pond’s Bright Miracle Ultimate Clarity Day Cream.

Pond's Ultimate Clarity Day Cream with SPF 30+++ with Niasorcinol

This standout product contains a perfect ratio of niasorcinol, Vitamin C, and SPF. Pond’s Bright Miracle Clarity Day Cream has SPF30, which offers sun protection. It also moisturizes the skin, giving Kathryn her bright and youthful glow.

With how harmful UV rays can be for the skin, it always helps to have an added layer of protection. Kathryn tops this moisturizer with Pond’s UV Hydrate Sunscreen. An SPF 50 PA++++ rating offers a high level of protection against UVB rays. It also contains hyaluron, which gives you a hydrated, glass skin finish! But what Kathyrn loves best about this product is that it is lightweight and leaves no white cast. It is the perfect sunscreen to maintain your sun-kissed complexion in blazing summers!

Kathryn Bernardo protects her skin from the sun with Pond's UV Hydrate Sunscreen
Photo: KATHRYN BERNARDO (via Instagram)

Even with endless workloads, Kathryn remains positively radiant thanks to this easy skincare routine featuring Pond’s Niasorcinol line. Now, with 500x the brightening power of other ingredients, you can have better and clearer skin.

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