5 Different Kinds of Sunscreen from Local Brands That Are on Sale Now

5 Different Kinds of Sunscreen from Local Brands That Are on Sale Now


The beauty industry is never behind—most especially this summer. Get your fill of sunscreens from local brands to keep you protected and still looking fresh under the sun.

The summer heat waves mean long beach days, poolside tanning, and outdoor dining—and our skin suffers the consequences. Whether you’re sweating in a dry climate or in the humidity, the collateral damage of the fun summer months are redness, dryness, clogged pores, and sunburns. Formulated for Pinays and the Philippine weather, these local products help keep your skin calm and happy in high temperatures. Check them out and add them to your cart—while all of these are on sale during Lazada’s Bonggang Birthday bash!

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1. Hello Glow Ultralight Matte Sunscreen

For sun protection plus a lit-from-within finish, this sunscreen is ultra-lightweight with a formula that keeps your skin look healthy, firm, and supple. Made with three different kinds of ceramides, this matte suncreen will help keep your skin’s oiliness at bay and calm down redness, all while brigthening your complexion.

2. FairySkin Premium Tinted Sunscreen

Especially formulated for sensitive skin types that tend to wilt in the heat, this tinted sunscreen drenches the skin in moisture with pure Vitamin E to fight UV damage. In addition to being lightweight and extra soothing, this sunscreen delivers a light layer of coverage to help even out your skin tone without leaving a greasy residue.

3. Clocheflame TLC Spray

If you’re of those summer vacationers who love to do different kinds of activites under the sun, this sunscreen facial mist is essential to have in your beach bag. With this kind of packaging, you can easily top up on your sunscreen whether you’re lounging by the poolside or trekking mountains. Through it’s blend of coconut water, oat extract, and niacinamide, it can quench your parched skin and soothe your complexion in a single spritz. Did we also mention it smells like coconuts!

4. Happy Skin Rescue Me Mineral Sunscreen Primer 

If you have oily, textured skin, this product is best for you since it works double duty as a sunscreen and primer. It feels lightweight and is perfect for long-lasting sun defense, plus it’s fully matte, blurs pores, and works great under makeup. This sunscreen leaves your skin even-toned and smooth without the risk of white cast.

5. BLK Cosmetics Universal Sheer Sunscreen Primer Stick

There’s nothing worse then having to reapply sun protection while you’re already feeling sweaty and sticky. Thankfully this suncreen-hybrid is “sweatproof, waterproof, and foolproof—with no blending required”. This sunscreen comes in a silky balm formula that when applied enhances the wear of your makeup and visibly improves your texture. For application, all you have to do is swipe it on.

Get all these products and more from today until March 27 and get them at a discounted price only at Lazada! The online destination for shopping is going all out for its 12th-year birthday bash with the Bonggang Birthday Sale. Enjoy P1000 off vouchers, 100% FREE SHIPPING, and up to 90% off on select items. These sunscreens are must-haves for your beach vacation, so add them to your cart and check them out now. Hurry, while they’re still on sale!

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