The Makings of a Queen: Dr. Jonas Apostol on Smiles and Crowns

The Makings of a Queen: Dr. Jonas Apostol on Smiles and Crowns


Dr. Jonas Apostol is a master in the art of creating beautiful smiles, with nearly 15 years of experience in the dental industry, where his work has graced the faces of beauty queen ambassadors like Miss Universe Bahrain, Miss Universe Egypt, and Miss Universe Pakistan

Perfect. A very simple, but complex word. Its concept and meaning have evolved over time, but one thing remains true—it motivates people, especially beauty queens, to be in their best figure. As it is in pageantry, everything is a competition, from perfecting every walk and pose to making strong statements, while still being true to who they are.  

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Dr. Jonas Apostol is the first Filipino dentist to complete his master’s degree in Esthetic Dentistry, taking the dental industry in the Philippines to greater heights

Despite the intense pressure of achieving exceptionally high standards, Dr. Jonas Apostol recognizes the power of a genuine smile to set individuals apart and showcase their true selves, even in the sea of beauty queens embodying the pinnacle of femininity. Through his expertise, he has helped his global beauty queen ambassadors shine on stage, including Miss Universe Bahrain 2023, Lujane Yacoub; Miss Universe Egypt 2023, Mohra Tantawy; and Miss Universe Pakistan and Top Finalists 2023, Erica Robin.

Venturing beyond the borders of the Philippines

Dr. Apostol believes in the transformative power of a beautiful smile, a belief that has driven him to delve deep into the science of smiles over the years. “With the most beautiful smile, the power within can be unleashed,” remarked by the trendsetting dentist.

At the Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center in Makati, Dr. Apostol and his wife, Elaine Apostol, who serves as the Marketing Head, empathize with women facing dental concerns. With nearly 15 years of experience in the industry, Dr. Apostol has encountered a wide range of dental issues, from discoloration and gaps to the hesitancy of a shy or crooked smile. Through his unwavering commitment, dedication, and hard work, he has consistently proven himself to be the right person for the job, bringing smiles and confidence to his patients.

“I’m working hard to get what I want not just for me, but for the patients,” Dr. Apostol mentioned. Dr. Apostol takes great pride in the quality of his work, a testament to his relentless pursuit of knowledge. He recently earned his master’s degree in Aesthetic Dentistry from Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, a clear illustration of his unwavering curiosity. This achievement marked him as the first Filipino dentist to have reached this prestigious accolade in the field of esthetic dentistry, where he took the country’s dental industry to greater heights. This monumental success results from his countless efforts, unparalleled skill, and unwavering commitment.

Thanks to his mastery of top-notch industry practices, his dental cosmetic center has rapidly become a magnet for celebrities, influencers, and business leaders. The stunning smiles he creates inevitably lure people from all over the world to his cosmetic center.

The Queenmaker and “King of Veneers”

Dr. Apostol’s profound understanding and expertise in veneers – thin, tooth-colored shells designed to enhance the appearance of teeth – have earned him the endearing title of “King of Veneers.” This accolade comes from those who have witnessed his remarkable talent first-hand. When the franchise owner of Miss Universe contestants from Bahrain, Egypt, and Pakistan heard about the exemplary work at Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center, he was compelled to reach out to Elaine.

Miss Universe Egypt 2023, Mohra Tantawy; Miss Universe Bahrain 2023, Lujane Yacoub; and Miss Universe Pakistan 2023, Erica Robin
Miss Universe Egypt 2023, Mohra Tantawy; Miss Universe Bahrain 2023, Lujane Yacoub; and Miss Universe Pakistan 2023, Erica Robin

“The owner tapped us to help them [Miss Universe] with their teeth, and because they are Miss Universe queens, they want someone special that will also match their level or queen standard,” Elaine imparted, pointing out that their brand can be on par with those on the other side of the globe.

Dr. Apostol thoroughly enjoyed his experience working with the three beauty queens. Yet, he approached their treatment as he would for any of his patients, because he believes everyone deserves a unique and special experience. Throughout the process, he maintained the utmost professionalism, eager to contribute to their empowering beauty journey, where they could embrace their own unique version of perfection.

“I did health, function, and aesthetic for their teeth,” Dr. Apostol told MEGA. “It’s non-invasive, because I don’t want to put something that would not compliment their face. It needs to be healthy and functional.”

As expected, the beauty queens were thrilled with the results. It boosted their confidence and bravery to face the camera from all angles, regardless of the number of close-ups. This notable enhancement was all thanks to Dr. Apostol’s expert handiwork. He mentioned that “teeth are part of the lower face that can make you look different when you’ve got dental concerns, so we design the teeth in harmony with the face.”

As these queens make a difference, so does the team of Dr. Apostol. “We also want to make an impact on the community, but in our way. We want to uplift and make people feel their most beautiful selves,” Elaine said.

And to Dr. Apostol, beautiful teeth have no specific shape or size. It’s the confidence that matters, whether on the pageant stage or behind the cameras, so if there’s anything dental that needs fixing and can help boost one’s self-esteem, he’ll fix it, because perfect doesn’t always mean flawless; sometimes perfect means being in your best possible form.

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