Bringing Excavation To Residential Service

Radiant is proud to have an entire department dedicated to excavation. This is certainly nothing out of the ordinary for new construction trades companies. However, it is a rare occurrence for a home service company to have an excavation crew in-house. We currently have 17 members on our crew and that number is growing every month. All our other departments greatly benefit from the work of the excavation team. Below, we explore just a few of these.

You’re All On The Same Team

Having an in-house excavation crew at the company allows our on-site projects to run much smoother and with greater efficiency. This is felt especially by our plumbing and drains departments. The fact that minimal subcontracting is involved is a win-win. Only for exceptionally big jobs do we need to call in back-up. On the Radiant team, you can rest assured that the excavators working around you were hired based on the same high recruitment standards. Direct, clear communication between excavation and plumbing allows for a much smoother process. We’re also able to schedule project steps with ease and plan with greater accuracy. At Radiant, we’re firm believers in sharing ideas across departments. Excavation crew members have a real understanding of what the plumber is trying to achieve, and vice versa. We all understand each other’s goals. When everyone on the job site works for the same company, you can trust that you’re all pulling in the same direction.

Radiant Plumbing Excavation

The Customer Is Happy

From the customer’s perspective, Radiant is a one stop shop for all their plumbing needs. No matter how big the job, the customer knows that they’ll be dealing with us from start to finish. Even when we do bring in a subcontractor for assistance, home owners know they’ll be working under the supervision of and in collaboration with Radiant’s masterful Excavation Crew Chiefs. As a result, the job of sales advisers, plumbers, and installers are made far easier. Customers appreciate transparency, and our team can honestly provide that peace of mind.

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