HVAC Damage During Winter

Your HVAC system braves the elements year round. In Central Texas, it is exposed to extreme heat, and as we’ve experienced in recent years, even extreme cold. To a certain extent, HVAC damage during Winter is inevitable. No system is immune to the effects of plummeting temperatures. Here are some components in your furnace that can face wear and tear or even damage during winter use: 

Heat Exchanger

Most Texas homes rely on a furnace to provide warmth in the winter months. A critical component of your furnace is the heat exchanger. It separates the air you breathe from the combustion process. Any metal component that repeatedly heats up and cools down is subject to thermal fatigue; your heat exchanger is no exception. Extreme low temperatures can damage your heat exchanger and lead to Carbon Monoxide leaks. This poses serious health risks and every homeowner should know the potential signs of a leak.


Your furnace’s ignitor serves a crucial role in the heating process. It sparks the combustion process of turning fuel into heat by lighting the burner in your furnace. It can become brittle and stop working when extra stress is placed on the system. This is exactly what happens when temperatures fall below zero. A telltale sign of ignitor issues is simply that it won’t ignite! This problem manifests itself when you activate your furnace from the thermostat, but it fails to run. 

Inducer Motor

Finally, your furnace’s inducer motor can suffer when temperatures plummet. High usage can prevent the motor-driven fan from pumping air through the furnace and vents, allowing soot to pile up and clog the furnace burners. All these potential weak points contribute to your furnace underperforming and can lead to a complete system failure.

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