MEGA Man to Watch: Santino Rosales Reveals Why He Does Not Want to Enter Showbiz

MEGA Man to Watch: Santino Rosales Reveals Why He Does Not Want to Enter Showbiz


Model and athlete Santino Rosales joins our MEGA Man to Watch lineup this year, revealing his game plan and the goals he’s set for himself

When you’re walking in the footsteps of someone as well-known as Jericho Rosales, you might expect the showbiz spotlight to be waiting for you. However, for Santino Rosales, his focus takes a different path from his dad’s. Stepping onto the MEGA Man set in a crisp white shirt, he modestly asks if he can fix his own hair for the shoot—a move that immediately reflects the model-athlete‘s readiness to take charge of his choices and assert his decisions. From undisclosed interests to the public eye to the ventures he passionately wants to pursue, let’s get acquainted with Santino Rosales, one of this year’s MEGA Man to Watch. 

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Little scorer, big dreams

Santino Rosales maps out the starting point of his love for football
Santino Rosales shares the one of his first loves is football

One striking fact about the 23-year-old gentleman is his love for football. This passion, rooted in his early years, has grown and evolved with time. “I’ve always liked playing the sport. My idol growing up was Cristiano Ronaldo. I used to watch his videos on YouTube and try to recreate his moves in my grandmother’s garden,” Rosales reminisces. Now, in his more mature years, he shares that he also loves supporting Sergio Ramos. Narrating his journey, the young athlete reveals that his formal training commenced when his mom enrolled him in the KAYA Futbol Club Academy. Since then, he has been sharpening his skills and evolving as a player. Proudly, he shares his current participation with the men’s team at Davao Aguilas Football Club.

“My greatest achievement in football is being part of the Davao Aguilas Football Club and we reached the finals of the recently concluded Copa Paulino Alcantara.”

The young athlete discusses his biggest accomplishment to date

End zone escapes 

When Santino’s not on the field, he has a wide variety of hobbies such as cooking and collecting items

Going beyond his enthusiasm for football, our conversation with Rosales exposes a relatable side that aligns him with every other man. “I’ve always loved cooking and eating good food,” he reveals with a smile. Dipping his toes into the world of collecting, he’s also gradually building a collection that includes cars, fragrances, and the care of exotic fish. Not to mention, he’s been expanding his horizons on other sports lately, specifically golf.

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From field to frame 

He aims to make modeling a long-lasting job and passion

In Santino Rosales’s world, another distinctive trait is his commitment to modeling. Contrary to what other people might think that it was his dad that influenced him to pursue this field, Rosales shares that it was actually his mom. “I got into the industry because my mom used to be a professional model as well. I guess seeing her previous works and watching her teach people how to model sparked my interest in it.” With a modeling stint of 7 years, he labels the journey as “an amazing experience.” When asked about his favorite memory so far, he stumbles for words, confessing that he genuinely cherishes every opportunity. But if he needs to choose one, he picks his first ever show, where he walked for Filipino designer Avel Bacudio. This instance holds special significance to him because it opened the door to many opportunities that led him to collaborate with some of the country’s most gifted designers, an experience he appreciates with deep gratitude.

“It has been enriching in more ways than one. It has definitely helped me with my character development. I would love to continue working in this field, especially because the fire in me is still burning and yearning for more experience.”

Santino Rosales explains why he plans to stick around in modeling

Touchdown tributes

He credits his parents as the real game-changers, adding sweetness to his every victory
He credits his parents as the real game-changers, adding sweetness to his every victory

When we asked Rosales to pinpoint a trait that defines him best, he immediately mentioned being family-oriented. It became abundantly clear why as our conversation unfolded. Before bidding farewell, he expressed his deep gratitude to both his parents. “I’ve always been goal-oriented, thanks to my upbringing so I never really felt any pressure to succeed from my parents but rather from myself. My parents create the best environment for me to do what I love by continuously showing me love and support and letting me know that they are proud of me,” he shares with genuine warmth.

Moving forward

We took a moment to talk about one of the recurrent questions thrown at him—his plans to step into the entertainment industry. With an earnest smile, Rosales provides a candid and direct response, saying, “The answer is simple: it never was and it never will be.” Furthermore, he shares that he finds immense satisfaction and equal determination in exploring other avenues, such as fueling his passions in football, modeling, and entrepreneurship.

Beyond showbiz, Santino Rosales is excited to tackle new ventures
Beyond showbiz, he’s excited to tackle new business ventures

Looking ahead, the young gentleman shares his aspirations, saying, “I hope to continue improving in my football and modeling career but aside from that, I also want to get into trading. It is also in my plans to create businesses and broaden my investment portfolio in the years to come.” As he outlines his future endeavors, he proves his worth as a MEGA Man to Watch. Who knows, perhaps he’ll secure a spot on the national football team or secure an international modeling project? Or perhaps he’ll venture into launching his own business. Destined for goals grander than a championship, he exemplifies the spirit of a striker eyeing the perfect shot—the man who’s not afraid to take the chance that could redefine the game.

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